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Influencers, Travel Bloggers &
Content Writers Wanted.

Expedition Bali Tours is looking for social media influencers, travel bloggers & content writers looking for extra income.

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What we're looking for!

Content writers that know our tours.

We believe in rewarding for the work that's already been done. If you're great at writing content, brilliant with pictures, or maybe you've got a heap of followers (3000+) from years of hard work; we want you representing us where you'll be paid for allowing us to capitalise on your writing and photography skills.
Our marketing strategy is to have people such as yourself market our business on an


"ongoing basis for ongoing reward"

Blogging in English is one skill, can you blog in the language of our guests?

We currently service:
Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean & some Japanese as well as our native English speakers the US, UK, & Australians. 

What languages can you blog in that would give you that unique edge?

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Features & Benefits

We give you a code for your followers to use, they get a discount, and you get paid.

How the system works: 

1. We have a chat over Zoom.

2. We put you on one of our tours.
(takes lots of pictures)

3. We give you access to our Google Drive library


4. We issue you with a unique discount code. This code is for you to have on your social media and blog posts.

5. The code is used by one of your followers upon booking a tour through our website your follower will get an immediate 10% discount.


6. You will receive a 10% cash payment at the end of the month that tour occurred. 

Example 1:

You write a post in December 2022 with your unique discount code.

In February 2024 someone stumbles across your travel blogging post and books a tour using your unique code to get a 10% discount. We notify you, and at the end of the month that the tour is complete we transfer the money into your account.

If we put our prices up in the future, your followers still get a 10% discount, and you get 10% of the new price. This has your income, inflation proof. 

Example 2:

You put up a post to your followers promoting Expedition Bali Tours as a high end option for Volcano & Waterfall tours this month. You have five of your followers book tours for a few months into the future. Two this month, one next month and two the month after. At the end of each month we'll pay you 10% of the value of each tour taken. 

In a few months you post again:

"I wish I was back in Bali doing another Expedition Bali Tour. I've still got my discount code for all of my followers.  Jump on the website and use this code to get a 10% discount on any tour you chose to do whilst in Bali."


The design is to be giving you an ongoing income from Expedition Bali Tours.   


"ongoing basis for ongoing reward"

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What We Sell

We Sell Experiences

We sell unrivaled high end experiences in Bali.

Bali is always in the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, and in 2017 was Trip Advisors number 1 top ranked tourist destination on the planet. 


Volcano Tours - Why we're better?

Mount Batur Volcano Explorer (76).jpg

There are plenty of smaller companies with a little Suzuki Jimmy 4x4 doing cheap tours of Mount Batur. We're offering the luxury high end option Volcano Explorer, Terunyan Wall and Sunrise Trekking tours and a Super Junior Tour Experience Tour. We have options the others can't do. Our 4x4 holds up to six adults comfortably, (the Jimmy 4x4 holds just three) with great 360 degree panoramic covered viewing for each guest. Our 4x4 is a custom built Isuzu D-Max, 3.0 litre, turbo, diesel and has endurance shock absorbers, large oversized tyres and an endurance steering rack. All that means, our 4x4 goes places in more comfort than any other vehicle in the region.

Our 4x4 has the prestigious honour of being the 4x4 with "street cred" amongst the locals and tourists alike.

Sunrise Trekking Tour (216).JPG

All of our tours have a practical unique gift. 


Waterfall Tours - Why we're better?
All waterfall tours come with a unique practical free gift as well. Everyone on the tour gets a 16GB laser engraved bamboo USB stick for the storing of the holiday snaps.   


"ongoing basis for ongoing reward"


If you've gotten this far you must have seen something for yourself. Contact our CEO via email or book a Zoom call, and let's get this party started.

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