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Level Up Your Bali Tours with Augmented Reality: Preserving Heritage & Engaging Guests

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

We're on a mission.

While the image above captures the breathtaking sunrise at Mount Batur, it isnt Mount Batur. Our mission as Expedition Bali Tours goes beyond offering spectacular tours is truely "Next Level". We're committed to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the area and enhancing the visitor experience through technology. Here's how we plan to achieve both these goals with Augmented Reality (AR):

The Challenge: Misinformation and Lack of Context

As a responsible tour operator, we've encountered instances of misinformation surrounding Mount Batur's history and geology. Tour guides often misinterpret lava flows and eruption dates, leading to confusion and a diminished understanding of the site's significance. Additionally, with over 600 tourists visiting Mount Batur daily, providing accurate information to each individual becomes a monumental task.

Addressing the Gaps: A Guidebook and Beyond

We took the initiative to address this issue by creating a comprehensive 29-page guidebook. This resource, compiled with the expertise of a volcanologist, provides accurate information about eruption dates, local wildlife, volcanic types, and even fascinating facts about the largest volcanoes in our solar system. We also published the Mount Batur eruption details in a readily accessible blog post.

However, we believe we can do more to engage our guests and ensure they receive accurate information. That's where AR comes in.

Enter Augmented Reality: A Vision for the Future

Imagine this:

  • Visitors hold their iPads up towards Mount Batur on a tour and see, in real-time, lava flowing from Mount Batur in stunning AR.

  • They encounter "Ketut," their own AR guide, who provides accurate information at key points around the volcano.

  • They can experience this immersive experience for a minimal fee of less than $5 USD per person / group.

  • "Ketut" speaks multiple languages, allowing guests from diverse backgrounds to access the information in their preferred language.

This is the future of tourism we envision. By integrating AR, we can:

  • Enhance visitor understanding and appreciation of Mount Batur's historical and geological significance.

  • Eliminate misinformation and ensure accurate interpretation of the site.

  • Create a more engaging and interactive experience for our guests.

  • Contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and sustainable tourism practices.

Collaborating with the Future: Calling All AR Experts

We're seeking an AR developer or university student strudying AR creation to partner with us on this groundbreaking project. We believe this venture has the potential to revolutionise the way tourists experience historical and cultural sites not only in Bali, but across the globe.

Here's what we require:

  • Core AR functionality: Real-time visualisation of lava flows and historical eruptions, along with an interactive "Ketut" guide.

  • Language support: The ability to have "Ketut" speak in multiple languages.

  • Monetisation model: A system that allows us to charge a per-user fee for the AR experience, ideally under $5 USD.

While we're initially focused on English language support, we understand the importance of accessibility. We envision expanding language options in the future.

Mutually Beneficial Partnership:

We're committed to supporting this project beyond financial compensation. We offer:

  • Use Expedition Bali as a pilot program: Iron out any kinks and fine-tune the AR experience in a real-world setting.

  • Become a global showcase: Upon successful implementation, use our reputation as a leading tour operator to promote your AR technology to other tourism companies worldwide.

  • Ongoing revenue stream: For each location where your technology is deployed, you'll receive a share of the daily revenue generated.

Join us in shaping the future of tourism and preserving cultural heritage.

We believe in the transformative potential of AR and are excited to partner with a talented developer who shares our vision. If you are passionate about AR and committed to making tourism more engaging and informative, we encourage you to contact us.

Let's take Mount Batur to the next level, together.

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