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Bali Governor "Wayan Koster-lot" - The effects on Expedition Bali Tours

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

We've been getting many tourists from around the globe asking us about the new "22 Mountain Rule." We (Indonesia) have already been through the loss of millions of US dollars when Bali Governor Wayan Koster was outspoken in his universally condemned racist remark calling for a ban on all Israeli Under 20 soccer kids to attend the U-20 World Cup being hosted by Indonesia (Not just Bali). On the 29th of March 2023, (around a week before the commencement of the U-20 World Cup in Indonesia) FIFA stripped Indonesia of the rights to be the host of the U-20 World Cup, after President Joko Widodo campaigned hard to get the FIFA U-20 for Indonesia. (It only takes one to affect the lives of many) FIFA swiftly moved the U-20 World cup to Argentina for May 2023. Indonesian Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno says this comment would have cost the tourism sector alone more than 370 Million USD in losses. It also has deprived a multitude of Indonesian soccer fans of a chance to see their country host its first FIFA tournament, and wedged the political coalition behind President Joko Widodo’s government – not to mention having done nothing meaningful to advance justice for the Palestinian people. To add insult to injury, this would have been a great news story after less than a year earlier 135 people died at a soccer stadium in East Java when a heavy handed police response triggered a stampede. With millions of USD already lost you'd think Wayan Koster (Now dubbed Wayan Kosterlot) would keep a low profile for awhile, especially with Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno. This isn't the case. It seems Wayan Kosterlot is looking to have his new name set in stone with this latest anti tourist announcement. Around two months after costing Indonesia a estimated 370 million US dollars, Wayan Koster - Governor of Bali announced a sweeping ban on climbing, hiking or trekking on all of Bali's 22 mountains which includes volcanos, with the one exception being for religious ceremonies. Even the Balinese will be prohibited if Wayan Koster gets his own way. The ban has not been popular among many locals, particularly Bali tour guides who saw their business become illegal overnight. The situation doesn’t look much better for the people that have accommodation, restaurants, cafe's and the like that cater to tourists in rural areas around the mountains. Let alone the produce growers around the restaurants and cafe's that supply them. People come from all over the world to climb the various mountains and volcanos throughout Bali and indeed Indonesia itself. This will cost the Indonesian government yet again. No Conservation Tax, (100,000 Rp per person) no Kintamani Entrance Fee, (50,000 per person) no Lava Management Fee (40,000 per car) no Bali tour guides getting paid, no growers providing restaurants and cafe's with produce, no cultural exchange, no spectacular scenery from high up a mountain. No money being spent by tourists in regional areas. No Bali Tours in the region at all It doesn't affect Indonesians that live in the city; it's the rural people that will be hurt the most by this ridiculous rule.

Wayan Koster is costing Indonesian a lot.

Wayan Kosterlot is not good for Indonesia's economy.

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