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Expedition Bali Tours Custom Built 360 degree Panoramic View 4x4

Expedition Bali Tours
Volcano &

"We help international visitors to Bali safely and easily access the islands' most beautiful volcanos & waterfalls through our family-friendly 4x4 Bali tours & transfer vehicles"

"We did the 4x4 Sunrise Sensation Private tour and were blown away with how amazing this tour was. It was so amazing, we bought the company."


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Russ Tuff

President Director

PT/PMA The Bali Office

Trading As: Expedition Bali Tours

4x4 Volcano Explorer Private Tour

Why Book With Us

1. We won the Luxury Tour Guide Award for Service for all of Indonesia's 17,508 Islands 2021/22

2. We're the oldest established 4x4 tour company in the region with an impeccable safety record.
Est 2012.

3. We have the safest and only 'built for purpose' 4x4 for Bali tours in the region. 

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We've Got Something for YOU - Free

The Comprehensive Mount Batur Tour Guide Handbook.jpg

Discover the Wonders of Mount Batur with Our FREE Comprehensive Guidebook!



Planning a few Bali Tours and want to be captivated by the beauty of volcanoes and their surroundings? Look no further than our Comprehensive Mount Batur Volcano Guidebook, the most accurate and up-to-date resource available. Meticulously researched and crafted in collaboration with geologists and local volcano enthusiasts, our guidebook will help you make the most of your Mount Batur adventure.

What's inside

Inside the guidebook, you'll uncover fascinating details about stratovolcanoes, calderas, the history of Mount Batur eruptions, the significance of Goddess Dewi Danu, and the region's unique wildlife such as the Kintamani Bats and the Mount Batur Monkeys. You'll also learn about the languages spoken in Bali and enjoy stunning photography showcasing the region's landscapes and cultural elements. You won't find this sort of details in other Bali tours.

Why choose our guidebook

We've seen sensational articles from travel agents enticing tourists to go on Bali tours that include Mount Batur volcano, claiming to show lava from eruptions in 1961, 1976, and 1991. However, the truth is, Mount Batur didn't erupt in those years! There's so much misinformation out there that we created this guidebook to set the record straight. In fact, we've even corrected a date on Wikipedia about the Mount Batur lava flow visible from Kintamani – it's from 1963, not 1968.

More than just a museum pamphlet or Wikipedia post, our guidebook is a visual treat filled with incredible photographs, making it a pleasure to explore on your Bali tours. With accurate information and engaging content, our guidebook is the ideal companion for adventurers, nature lovers, and those captivated by Bali's rich culture.

Don't miss out on this valuable resource, designed to give future visitors access to accurate, engaging, and easy-to-understand information for their trek. To get your exclusive, FREE guidebook, simply fill in your details below, and we'll send it straight to your inbox. Embark on an unforgettable Mount Batur Bali Tour adventure with a guide backed by unwavering professionalism and expertise!

The Comprehensive Mount Batur Bali Tour Guidebook will be sent to your inbox shortly.

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