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Volcano & Waterfall 

Expedition Bali Tours

"We help international visitors to Bali safely and easily access the islands' most beautiful volcanos & waterfalls through our family-friendly 4x4 tours & transfer vehicles"

"We purchased the company back in 2018 after we did a 4x4 Sunrise Sunrise Sensation Private Tour. Some of the most breathtaking, awe inspiring, and at the same time exhilarating views we had ever seen. 


Book a Zoom call with one of us to discuss any of our tours. We'd love to hear from you. " ​

Russ Tuff

President Director

PT/PMA The Bali Office

Trading As: Expedition Bali Tours

We have our social media feed for you to know about all things Expedition Bali Tours. However, we also have a newsletter style email that we send out randomly. Not weekly, not monthly, just as and when we have something new to talk about it. We don't like our email inbox filled with advertising junk, We're sure most would be the same. If you'd like us to to put your name on the "Guest List" let us know at "bookings @ ExpeditionBali.Tours" Just say "Hey, can you add me to your Guest List, and it will be done.  

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