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"How to see some of the best waterfall & canyon tours in Bali, without breaking the bank, even if you have a family of six."

Waterfall & Canyon Tours of Bali

Waterfall & Canyon Tours of Bali

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Waterfall & Canyon Tours Showcased

Two Canyon All Day Adventure

Guided Private Tour

If you like jumping from boulder to boulder; going through waist high water in some parts, going on a mini adventure not too far from civilisation, this twin canyon tour is the tour for you.

You'll love this tour.

Two Canyon All Day Adventure Guided Tour

4 "Easy Access" Waterfalls

All Day Private Adventure

This tour was created because we often had customers asking us for waterfalls that are 'easily accessible'. Of course this is code for "less stairs please". The Waterfalls of Bali are notorious for stairs. We've cherry picked the best waterfalls for you to see in one day that wont have you reaching for the deep heat the next day. These waterfalls are all relatively close, don't have many stairs, and you don't have to get wet to take some great pictures.

The Easily Accessible 4 Waterfall All Day Private  Adventure

Enticing Turquoise Oasis & Waterfall

Private Tour 

This is such a beautiful part of the world. Remember we don't Photoshop any pictures on any tour. We don't even use "enhance".
We suggest doing the waterfall first; there's a healthy amount of stairs, and you'll be pushing yourself a bit on the way back, so the Turquoise Oasis will be a welcome sight. You cant really swim at the waterfall; it's sensational to look at, however, you can feel it's power from the stairs. We don't advise swimming just to be safe.
The Turquoise Oasis is something else. The serenity, the peacefulness of this place. Swimming around is lovely. 

Enticing Turquoise Oasis & Waterfall Private Tour

Instagram Falls

There are some waterfalls in Bali that are just beautiful, however you can't really swim there. We've labelled these tours "Instagram Falls" because they're great for your Instagram feed. Waterfalls that are stunning beautiful yet lack the 'swimming' part.

This tour has two such waterfalls.
You'll still need your swimming gear.

Instagram Fall Private Tour

Tegenungan / Blangsinga Waterfall Private Tour

Don't be fooled by other tour operators, these two names are for the same waterfall. 

How did that happen?

The village at the top, called the waterfall Blangsinga, The village at the bottom, called the waterfall Tegenungan. There you have it. We come from the Tegenungan side, because they have the best pictures

This waterfall is good for a swim and some great pictures from below. 

Tegenungan & Blangsinga Private Waterfall Tour

Nungnung Waterfall

Private Tour 

What we loved was going in behind this waterfall. The noise and the power of the water is amazing. Trying to swim under the waterfall, or walk through it... not on the days we've been. There's a lot of litres of water per second coming from the waterfall.

Nungnung Waterfall Private Tour

Blahmantung Waterfall

Private Tour 

This waterfall is nowhere near the other waterfalls. So much so it hasn't been commercialised. No shops are around so it's best to ask your driver to stop at a warung, so you can pick something up on the way.

There is a bit of a walk to get to this waterfall. It's not treacherous, walking the concrete path, however, it may take you half an hour or so to get there on foot after the drive.

Blahmantung Waterfall Private Tour

Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall

Private Tour 

This is a fantastic set of three waterfalls in one. In our opinion go to the waterfall that is straight down first. (Don't turn left) It's the largest of the waterfalls in the area and has crystal clear water at the bottom. 

When you return back from the largest waterfall, ensure you turn right towards the next waterfalls located together. You've come all this way you might as well see everything right?

Banya Wana Amertha Waterfall Private Tour

Tukad Cepang Waterfall

Private Tour 

As you can see, that waterfall is inside a cave. It's lovely and cool down there. 
You'll need a camera that takes great night photos down here. 

You'll get wet, and you can stand up the waterfall, however, this isn't really a waterfall for a good swim, more just a paddle around.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall Private Tour

Gitgit Waterfall

Private Tour 

The flowers are beautiful, and the little bridge area they have made is great for getting your photo taken as well.

The locals have also installed a swing on one of the two waterfalls you can visit here; it's safe, we tested it ourselves.


Gitgit Private Twin Waterfall Tour

Goa Raja Waterfall

Private Tour 

This waterfall has a great journey to get there. Little bridges, a few stairs, they even have a "no cost" toilet

This waterfall is a little bit "man made". Some will like it and some will say "It was nice getting here, however this isn't very "natural".  

If you'd like to do this tour for free, book a 4x4 Volcano Explorer Private Tour, a 4x4 Sunrise Sensation Private Tour, or a Million Dollar Point 4x4 Private Tour and then contact us via email and request this free upgrade. Say, "Hey can you throw in the Goa Raja Waterfall Private Tour free upgrade please?" and we'll put that tour in for you to be done on the same day, for FREE.
Why? To reward you for reading about every tour we have, right down to, and including the very last waterfall tour we have. Thanks for that.  


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