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Expedition Bali Tours Interview's Pegasus Indonesia Travel.

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

The secrets to 20 years of successfully running a travel agency in Bali.

This is our very first "Interview with a Travel Agent" and we're please to announce that it's with the General Director of Pegasus Indonesia Travel, Natalia Saputra (Natasha).

We touch on a few questions around being a woman in business in Bali; initially coming from Russia, finding love and getting married to an Indonesian partner, raising two daughters in Bali, and a few other personal pieces of information before we moved onto the core questions we came to ask.

We want to know the answers to the following core questions of all our travel partners:

1. What year did Pegasus Indonesia Travel begin operations in Indonesia?

2. What nationality and age group are Pegasus Indonesia Travel's main clients?

3. In Pegasus Indonesia Travel's experience, over the last year since international visitors have been returning to Bali, is Pegasus Indonesia Travel seeing the pre Covid numbers returning to Bali and taking up Bali tours?

4. What are the main attractions or Bali tours Pegasus Indonesia Travel's international clients are requesting to do when in Bali right now?

5. What problems do you see coming up for the Indonesian tourism industry if any?

6. What advice do you have for any international clients coming to Bali looking to do Bali tours?

If you're a Travel Agent servicing Bali tours of any description, you're not going to want to miss this interview. You're going to want to hear some of the secrets to Pegasus Indonesia Travel's 20 year success story. How most of the staff have remained with the business for the entire 20 years. Going from sitting on the floor in the living room issuing the vouchers for the very first peak season of Bali tours, to becoming one of the leaders for the destination in the market. How they paid their staff during Covid, and how they're one of the few travel agents that employ tour guides directly, and don't use freelancer tour guides.

If you're a tourist looking to visit Bali, listen to what sets Pegasus Indonesia Travel apart from their competition. What it takes to start a business here in Bali. There are snippets of gold in everything Natasha talks about.

While we were interviewing Natasha we could hear the gold, however we're also focussing on the next question. We could have spoken for hours. That said we were being mindful of the time and whilst listening for the gold we had to press on. It was only after listening to the interview again when putting this video together did we feel the full weight of the information one could garnish from this interview.

Thanks Natasha, this interview has set the bar pretty high for every other Bali tours agent to follow in your footsteps. An incredible interview. Thanks for being brave and going first. If you're a travel agent in Bali and would like to be interviewed with your answers to the above questions, drop us an email. We'd love to showcase your travel agency, and the differences you make with your Bali tours, and indeed, within the tourism industry.

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