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New 'Super Junior Experience' Tour - November 2022

Updated: Mar 31

Hello Expedition Bali Guest Listers, If you’re super organised, have Christmas all wrapped up, and your New Year celebrations planned, we’re not like you. We’ve been working on a new tour, and have just realised we're in that month where each year we say “Where did that year go?” again. 😳 If you’re coming to Bali for Christmas, drop us an email so we can catch up. (We’ll be there over Christmas) It’d be great to hear from you, and talk about what you’ve been up to. If you’re not coming to Bali, however you know friends or relatives that may want to come to Bali, please forward this email on to them. Genuinely, if they're friends of yours, we’d love to have them on one of our tours to showcase ‘Our Bali', as we did for you. So, after a couple of months of implementing, organising, planning and finally ‘creating', we’re super pumped to announce a new tour we’ve been working on.

The background story is that we had K-pop sensation Super Junior come to Bali and shoot a music video for SBS and MTV in Korea .

‘SUJU’ (soojoo) as they are known by their fans, chose to do their new music video “Offline” out on the black sands of Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bali. Following Expedition Bali Tours on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube, you may have seen this after October 29th. (We were requested to keep it under wraps until then) When the K-Pop boy band chose to shoot an MTV video in Bali, they chose Expedition Bali Tours to organise everything. We organised 30 support staff ranging from camera crew, makeup, security, and translators, plus the two K-pop artists in Bali, up on Mount Batur's black sands, all from Australia using WhatsApp, and our guides on the ground in Bali Here's a link to the music video they made whilst travelling to site in our 4x4 Jeep back on October 4th 2022.

Because of this experience, we’re announcing: The Expedition Bali 'Super Junior Experience’ Tour. This is an incredible tour that has never been done in Bali before, and we're the only ones offering it.

From today, we're offering to take SUJU fans out through the black lava and onto the black sands, to the exact location that Super Junior recorded the music video “Offline”, complete with working commemorative golden microphones you can keep as a memento after the tour.

You’ll be able to emulate your K-Pop idols in exactly the same music video location, using exactly the same 4x4 that took your idols to the music video location. You can sit in the exact same seats as your K-pop idols if you like. Rip out your new microphones and sing all the way there of the urge strikes. We have the original guides that took the two artists Donghae (the purple shirt) and Eunhyuk (The floral shirt) to location to shoot the ‘Offline' music video. No other tour company in Bali can do this. No other tour company had the Super Junior artists in their car, on location.

In the coming months we’ll be advertising to South Koreans to come and see ‘Our Bali’ like their idols did. If we don't hear from you beforehand, you have a great Christmas and New year. We look forward to seeing you back on tour soon. Have a lovely month ahead. Expedition Bali Tours

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