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New Waterfall Tours - Presented by Expedition Bali Tours

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Hello to everyone on our Expedition Bali Tours Guest List,

As we fast approach the end of the year we’ve been busy working out what else we can do to create something new, fun and exciting for 2023.

"Value for money” seems to be a winner.

The amalgamation of four waterfall tours will tick that box

We had a potential guest from the Phillipines make a request that looked like a good idea for how to group a set of waterfalls.

He asked this:

"Can we do three or four waterfalls in one day without getting wet?

I have 60 year old parents and they don't want to do many stairs.”

So the brief was:

1. Able to get great photos of the waterfalls without getting wet.

2. Minimal stairs.

3. Waterfalls must be grouped close together so they can be done in one day.

4. Because it’s all in “one day” they must have time for lunch in the middle.

5. Has to be a memorable Bali tour.

We put the following Bali tour together:

Four waterfalls, cheaper than doing one waterfall (Value for Money) ✅

We called this four waterfall amalgamation:

Next, in the “something new” category, we’ve added a new Bali tour for 2023. The new Enticing Turquoise Oasis & Waterfall Tour, has been added to our line up as one tour. We’ll be adding to this particular waterfall tour when we check out a few more waterfall destinations close by to this one. We always physically check our Bali tours personally before adding them to our line up. This is to ensure they meet with the safety standards we’re looking for to keep you safe on our Bali tours.

Have a great week ahead. And… in case we don't get a chance to send out another email before Christmas and New Year, you have a great Christmas and a safe New Year. (Seriously…. Where does the year go right? 😳)

By the way… feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might like to be on our Expedition Bali Tours Guest List.

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