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Terunyan Wall Cemetery 
Private Boat Tour
Presented by Expedition Bali Tours

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This tour is a unique opportunity to visit the Terunyan Wall, a burial ground where the dead are not buried or cremated, but rather placed on the ground above ground. The tour is led by a local expert who is passionate about sharing the Terunyan people's unique culture and traditions.

Tour Itinerary

Your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to Lake Batur. Once you arrive at the lake, you will board a traditional boat and cruise to the Terunyan village.

When you arrive at the village, your tour guide will take you to the Terunyan Wall. You'll have the opportunity to learn about the Terunyan people's burial practices and see the unique coffins that they use. After visiting the Terunyan Wall, you will return to your boat and cruise back over the lake. Your transfer Driver will then drive you back to your hotel.

We also have a 15 page Comprehensive Terunyan Wall Guidebook for this tour that we will send to you in PDF format via WhatsApp prior to your tour. This is a must have unique guidebook to help you understand the culture of the Terunyan people. 


Sustainable Tourism

We're committed to sustainable tourism and support the United Nations Global Goal number 11. We donate a portion of our proceeds to the Terunyan people and the Kintamani region.

Private Tours

Our of our Bali tours are private, so you won't have to share your experience with strangers.

Our Guides and Drivers

Our guides are local experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of Balinese culture and traditions. They are qualified, certified, and fluent in English. Our drivers are friendly, helpful, and reliable. They will pick you up from your hotel on time and wait for you during your tour.

Book your Terunyan Wall Tour today and experience the unique culture and traditions of the Terunyan people!

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Travel Time: 1 – 2.5 Hours (contingent on accommodation location in relation to Kintamani)  

Departure Time: 10.30am

Meeting Point: Google Maps: "Pura Hulundanu Batur Songan Temple"

Availability: Daily

Tour Duration: 1.5 hours

Group Sizes: 1 – 6 People


Bottled volcanic spring water, English speaking guide, public liability insurance, entrance fees into Kintamani, unique gift, pick up and drop off to your accommodation.

What to Bring:

Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Good Walking Shoes, Camera, Warm Jacket – Just in case


We only have one 4x4, and tours book out up to 20 months in advance by travel agents, and people that know they are coming to Bali next year. Don’t delay, please book the tour if you see an opening.

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No Risk Policy

We’re the oldest running tour company in Kintamani, Bali. We’ve been running since 2012.

2021/2022 Winner of the Luxury Travel Guide Awards for Service across the entire Indonesian country. #1 in Indonesia

Book a time to chat with our CEO about any of the tours you like. Seriously, he’s up for it. Here’s the link:

Send an English text to WhatsApp Number +61 438 345 835 for a reply within 24 hours.

Pick Up Times: 

Jimbaran / Nusa Dua - 8.00am - (2.5 hours travel time)

Kuta / Legian / Seminyak / Canggu - 8.30am - (2 hours travel time)

Sanur - 9.00am - (1.5 hours travel time)

Ubud - 9.30am - (1 hour travel time)

Tour Starts @ 10:30am - Finishes @ around 12:00pm 

Transfer Driver:

Transfer Driver will be waiting to take you back to your accommodation at 12.00noon 

Travel Time Back to Your Accommodation

Depends on where you accommodation is located in Bali.

Jimbaran / Nusa Dua = 2.5 hours travel time

Kuta / Legian / Seminyak / Canggu = 2.5 hours travel time

Sanur = 1.5 hours travel time

Ubud = 1 hour travel time

What to bring with you

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Good walking shoes

  • Warm jacket (just in case)

  • Camera / Phone with back up batteries

Bonus Reasons

2 x Bonus Reasons to book with Expedition Bali Tours

SPOILER ALERT - Once you know everything.......

1. All of our tours have a small unique gift. For example, on this tour we created a drinking coffee mug memento for you to keep and take with you back to your home country. On one side of the mug it has the Expedition Bali logo, and on the other side it has a dancing skeleton and it says “I’ve seen dead people in Bali” It’s a free gift with every tour. Take this mug to work with you when you get back home. It will be a constant reminder to you of the time you had with us, and, your work colleagues will be intrigued at the dancing skeleton, and ask, “What is that about?” and every time they do, you’ll relive your Bali experience.


2. The other bonuses we do on this tour what no other tour operators does, we take care of the donation required from every tourist to the Terunyan area. Other tour operators don’t tell you about this "Donation" fee until you arrive, (It keeps their initial booking fee down) and then you’re fishing around in your pockets looking for money. Rp25,000 per tourist is about the going rate. Not much, however, when you’re not expecting it and you have a family of six, your wallet is back at the car, it can be awkward. We pay Rp150,000 if there is one or six of you, it doesn't matter to us. What's important is that you don't have to look for extra money, and we are contributing to the Terunyan village. It's the bonus of not having that awkward "Ummm, get me out of here" feeling, your guaranteed to get on other tours. 

How do I know for sure?

Testimonials / References / Endorsements

"For our 2nd day, we arranged to go on the “Terunyan Wall Tour”. I didn’t know what to expect, or what exactly we would see, but it turned out to be very unique, educational, and culturally enlightening! The Terunyan Wall and active cemetery is a very sacred site in the Kintamani region and we feel fortunate to have gotten to see it. After the Terunyan cemetery, we ended the 2nd day by visiting the lava fields and exploring a few lava tubes (caves)! This was unexpected, but our guide was kind enough to extend our tour and let us explore a little longer because of how much we liked seeing the lava fields!" - Colin & Kerry Meyer - USA

Cancellation Policy

We know that plans change. If you cancel any of our Bali tours with more than 24 hours notice, we'll issue a full 100% refund. That's it, nothing fancy.

COVID-19 Exemption:

If your booking is cancelled due to Covid-19 announced by the Indonesian government, we'll refund 100% of your money, as we have for literally hundreds of pre-booked tours in February 2020. We'll put this under "Force Majeure" which is a fancy way of saying "unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract".


Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do we know if your guides are really qualified?

A: All of our volcano tour guides are qualified Mount Batur Trekking Association Guides. We have copies of our guide certifications on record to send anyone at any time.

Q: Can you arrange a pickup from our hotel?

A: Yes. We have bunch of great mates that all belong to one team. Their English is passable, they must all have currently registered vehicles and current drivers licences for our insurance to be effective. We keep copies on record of each driver, with expiry dates noted in our calendar with a 14 day reminder set up on each.

Q: Does Expedition Bali Tours have insurance?

A: Great question. Yes we do. We have Public Liability Insurance that encompasses limited Customer & Guest Effects, limited First Aid Facilities, and a few more items. However, this is Indonesia, although this is the best insurance we can get, please ensure you have your own travel insurance before booking any of our Bali tours.

Q: How do I know if I will like the tour?

A: That’s easy, check our Google / Trip Advisor reviews. We also won the Luxury Travel Guide Global Award for service in 2021 / 2022 above every other tour operator in every category in Indonesia. 

Q: I can’t swim, is the boat safe?

A: The boat is a traditional boat used on the waters of Mount Batur for more years than anyone can seem to recall. Modified to be tourist boats they all have life jackets as standard. Our boat driver will insist you wear your safety / flotation vest for your safety, so he doesn't get a fine. Our boat driver has lived his entire life on the lake. He is all over this, he loves it. 

Q: Do I have to be super fit?

A: No, just a bit of walking around. 

Q: Can I book on this particular date, a bit later?

A: All of Expedition Bali Tours are private tours. We run one tour a day of each tour. Best you pick the date and time you want now, and lock that in to avoid disappointment. It's easy to see if the dates are already booked, if you see a yellow dot on or close to your date, the tour is booked. Sorry.


Q: There are 10 of us, can we all go?

A: We take a maximum of six adults per transfer vehicle, and we have access to two boats. We can organise an extra transfer vehicle and an extra boat, but that's it. 12 people maximum per tour.

Q: How long has Expedition Bali Tours been around for?

A: We’re the oldest established tour operator in Kintamani. We started in 2012.

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