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4x4 Sunrise Sensation Private Tour
Presented by Expedition Bali Tours

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The Best Qualified Guides

Our guides are local experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of Kintamani and its volcanoes. They are qualified, certified, and fluent in English.

Custom Built 4x4

Our custom-built 4x4 vehicles are designed for comfort, panoramic views, and power, while protecting you from the elements. They are the only vehicles in Kintamani that are purpose-built for tourists that want to do Bali tours of Mount Batur.

Walking the Crater's Rim

We are the only Bali tours company that offers walking around the rim of the crater as a standard part of the Sunrise Sensation Private Tour. It takes an extra hour, but it's well worth it. After you've seen a sensational sunrise, trek that little bit extra up a little higher to get to the crater rim and walk around here. Your extra efforts will be rewarded with steam coming from the ground, spectacular views of the caldera and farming, and, if you're lucky, you'll get to experience walking through clouds.

Sustainable Cities & Communities

We are committed to sustainable tourism and support the United Nations Global Goal number 11. We give $15 from every Sunrise Sensation Private Tour guest to the community. This goes towards local infrastructure including roads, education for farmers on the correct use of the land and more sustainable farming techniques, plus training all the guides in the region, not just our own guides.

Private Tours

If you book the tour for just you, or you have up to five more people in your group, no strangers will be on your or any of our Bali tours. We don't jam others in on the tour to make up the numbers. You've booked the tour; the tour is all yours. 1 – 6 people max. We also have a hand sanitiser dispenser mounted in the back. More importantly, you get to experience this tour with just your intimate group.

Our Transfer Drivers

Our drivers are friendly and helpful, and they have passable English. Best of all, 'they wait'. They pick you up from your hotel on time, you do your selected tour, and they wait. They don't sneak off and do other jobs whilst you're on your tour with your personal belongings in their vehicle. A bad transfer driver will be sneaking off doing other jobs, and your things could go missing. This will ruin your holiday. (Imagine if you lost your passport, your watch, your anything) Our drivers are 100% tried and tested trustworthy drivers. We pay our drivers to stay for the entire day, whether your tour is one hour, or 10 hours; they wait.

Australian Owned, Local Guides

This means that you can expect Australian-level safety and attention to detail, with local knowledge from our top-level guides. The CEO of Expedition Bali is an X – Safety Manager for a mining company in Australia. Small fire extinguishers are inside the seating area, grip tape is on the steps, there is a medical kit on board, and the vehicle is serviced at half the recommended intervals. Our local guides live in the area and have done so their entire lives. They know Kintamani inside out and back to front. Our local guides are also the only guides in Kintamani with a First Aid certification.

Book your Sunrise Sensation Private Tour today and experience the best that Kintamani has to offer!

Just give me the high

Travel Time: 1 – 2.5 Hours (contingent on accommodation location in relation to Kintamani)  

Departure Time: 3:30am

Meeting Point: Google / Apple Maps "Expedition Bali Tours"

Availability: Daily

Tour Duration: – 8 hours

Group Sizes: 1 – 6 People


Bottled volcanic spring water, 4x4 to as close to the top of Mt Batur as possible on the day, (currently to the 1300 metre mark.) English speaking guide, walk the rim of the crater, public liability & accident insurance, entrance fees into Kintamani & Mount Batur, unique gift, pick up and drop off to your accommodation.

What to Bring:

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Good Walking Shoes, Camera, Warm Jacket – Just in case


We only have one 4x4, and tours book out up to 20 months in advance by travel agents, and people that know they are coming to Bali next year. Don’t delay, please book the tour if you see an opening.

I need to know every single detail

No Risk Policy

We’re the oldest running tour company in Kintamani, Bali. We’ve been running since 2012.

2021/2022 Winner of the Luxury Travel Guide Awards for Service across the entire Indonesian country. #1 in Indonesia

Book a time to chat with our CEO about any of the tours you like. Seriously, he’s up for it. Here’s the link:

Send an English text to WhatsApp Number +61 438 345 835 for a reply within 24 hours.

Pick Up Times: 

Jimbaran / Nusa Dua - 1:00am - (2.5 hours travel time)

Kuta / Legian / Seminyak / Canggu - 1:30am - (2 hours travel time)

Sanur - 2:00am - (1.5 hours travel time)

Ubud - 2:30am - (1 hour travel time)

Tour Starts @ 3:30am - Finishes @ around 10:00am

Transfer Driver

Transfer Driver will be waiting to take you back to your accommodation at 10.00am 

Travel Time Back to Your Accommodation

Depends on where you accommodation is located in Bali.

Jimbaran / Nusa Dua = 3 hours travel time

Kuta / Legian / Seminyak / Canggu = 2.5 hours travel time

Sanur = 1.5 hours travel time

Ubud = 1 hour travel time

What to bring with you

  • Hat - If you forget, we've got you covered.

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Good walking shoes

  • Warm jacket (just in case)

  • Camera / Phone with back up batteries

Bonus Reasons

2 x Bonus Reasons to book with Expedition Bali Tours

SPOILER ALERT - Once you know everything.......

1. All of our tours have a small unique gift. For example, on this tour we give you a hat with LED’s to light your way. You know why? We do this more for practical reasons. It’s dark when you first set off, because you’re getting to the summit before the sun has risen, and we used to give out rechargeable torches. However, it can also get a bit slippery whilst hiking because loose dirt can shift beneath your feet; losing balance and putting you hand down on a rock to steady yourself isn’t fun if you’re also holding a torch. We wanted to free up your hands. We created a memento you can keep and take with you back to your home country. The hats aren’t cheap, and we've put our logo on the hat to remind you of where you first used the hats. They're yours to keep, and their USB rechargeable.

2. Walking the Crater’s Rim

We’re the only tour company that offers walking around the rim of the crater as a standard part of the tour. It takes an extra hour, however, it’s really worth it. After you’ve seen a sensational sunrise, trek that little bit extra up a little higher to get to the crater rim and walk around here. Your extra efforts will be rewarded with steam coming from the ground, you’ll see the other side of Kintamani with spectacular views of the caldera and farming, plus, if you’re lucky, you get to experience walking through clouds. 

How do I know for sure?

Testimonials / References / Endorsements
"My husband and I just came back from our very 1st trip to Bali, and we’re very glad we chose to go with Expedition Bali’s tours and services! Because of them, our 4 day vacation turned out to be smooth, fun, and exciting from start to finish. On their website, you’ll see that they offer numerous tour packages, and they were excellent at coordinating everything, as well as fitting our tour nicely into the rest of our Bali vacation, including pickup/drop-offs from our hotel in Kintamani. I highly recommend reaching out to the company’s director to discuss specific interests you might have or ask them any questions so that they can tailor your tour to fit your exact needs. The team is very approachable and extremely customer centric. It’s clear that they aim to please!
For our 1st day, we decided to do the Sunrise Trekking Tour to the top of Mt. Batur. In addition to being a wonderful hike to the top of the volcano, we experienced one of the prettiest sunrises I’ve ever seen. After a nice morning of hiking around the volcano, they arranged for me and my husband to relax at one of the local hot spring resorts. It was a great way to end the day, winding down at the lake side in the mineral pools with good food and drinks." - Kerry Meyer - US citizen living and working in Singapore.

"Thank you Expedition Bali Tours for this amazing experience! Highly recommended tour with the best vehicle in this area. We felt safe at all times and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Many thanks to Russ and his team for taking care of us!" - Bobby Rheinhart - Indonesian - Makassar

“One of the best Bali mountain & lava Jeep tours, Bali sunrise tour with hot spring water ~ trip advisor recommended, you should try it once in a lifetime” – Wira N. Utama - Indonesian


“Super company, excellent guides, everything is organized at the highest level, I really liked the meeting of dawn, and of course how we rode jeeps on the sand and lava of the volcano Batur. Thank you so much guys for organizing such tours….. ” - Russian Guest


Mother Nature and her Mum!

“… They [his children] saw first-hand steam rising up from the top of the volcano, they saw the landscape that was left behind by lava being spread all over. Never before had I felt teaching science so fun, my children, my wife and myself had an unforgettable experience, thanks to the crew that took the extra time to answer our questions along the way ...” – Andrew – Perth, Australia


Amazing adventure

“The trip was amazing. Team of expedition Bali excellent. The guide was fun and support us all the way. Pictures of the top very beautiful. I like this adventure very much” - Russian Guest


Sunrise Hiking Tour

“My boyfriend and I booked the sunrise hiking tour of Mt Batur with Expedition Bali after seeing the reviews and their Instagram (check it out it's awesome!). From the get go Expedition Bali were extremely helpful and professional.
While my boyfriend is very fit and hikes regularly, I am the complete opposite and found it very challenging, however our Jeep driver and hiker Wayan was amazing. Super supportive and considerate and got me to the top when I didn't think I could! The views were amazing. …The 4wd'ing aspect was fun and cut an hour off the hiking trip. Would definitely recommend and we will do more tours with Expedition Bali in the future :)” - Hannah M – Adelaide, Australia.


Amazing Tour!

Have just come back from completing this tour in Bali, i did the Sunrise Volcano 4WD Tour and it was absolutely amazing and worth the early wake up. Would highly recommend this tour if your headed to Bali, … – Taryn L


Cancellation Policy

We know that plans change. If you cancel any of our Bali tours with more than 24 hours notice, we'll issue a full 100% refund. That's it, nothing fancy.

COVID-19 Exemption:

If your booking is cancelled due to Covid-19 announced by the Indonesian government, we'll refund 100% of your money, as we have for literally hundreds of pre-booked tours in February 2020. We'll put this under "Force Majeure" which is a fancy way of saying "unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract".


Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do we know if your guides are really qualified?

A: All of our volcano tour guides are qualified Mount Batur Trekking Association Guides. We have copies of our guide certifications on record to send anyone at any time.

Q: Can you arrange a pickup from our hotel?

A: Yes. We have bunch of great mates that all belong to one team. Their English is passable, they must all have currently registered vehicles and current drivers licences for our insurance to be effective. We keep copies on record of each driver, with expiry dates noted in our calendar with a 14 day reminder set up on each.

Q: Does Expedition Bali Tours have insurance?

A: Great question. Yes we do. We have Public Liability Insurance that encompasses limited Customer & Guest Effects, limited First Aid Facilities, and a few more items. However, this is Indonesia, although this is the best insurance we can get, please ensure you have your own travel insurance before booking any of our Bali tours.

Q: How do I know if I will like the tour?

A: That’s easy, check our Google / Trip Advisor reviews. We also won the Luxury Travel Guide Global Award for service in 2021 / 2022 above every other tour operator in every category in Indonesia. 

Q: Seriously, getting up at some ungodly hour of the morning to be at your meeting point in Kintamani near the volcano for 4.00am; is it really worth it, be honest?

AYes, it’s really is worth it. Check out the testimonials.

Q: Do I have to be super fit?

A: On our 4x4 Sunrise Sensation Private Tour, a moderate level of fitness is required if you want to see a sensational sunrise and possibly trek around the rim of the crater. 

Q: Can I book on this particular date, a bit later?

A: All of Expedition Bali Tours are private tours. We run one tour a day of each tour. Best you pick the date and time you want now, and lock that in to avoid disappointment. It's easy to see if the dates are already booked, if you see a yellow dot on or close to your date, the tour is booked. Sorry.


Q: There are 10 of us, can we all go?

A: We take a maximum of six adults on this tour. We can organise an extra car, however it wont be our car. Some may be disappointed they are not in our car, so we don't often do this. If you really want to take more people than six, get in touch and we'll have a chat about whats possible. We've done it many times before. 

Q: How long has Expedition Bali Tours been around for?

A: We’re the oldest established Bali tours operator in Kintamani. We started in 2012.

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