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  • New Names & New Tours

    NEW NAMES: In keeping with our promise to amalgamate our waterfall tours to reduce the cost per waterfall and increase the amount of waterfalls seen in a single tour we have created some new tours on the waterfall tours. Blue Lagoon & Aling Aling is now "Enticing Turquoise Oasis & Waterfall Tour" We think this sounds like a name someone would click on. Instagram Falls is our next set of two waterfalls we amalgamated that are not great for swimming, however, they'll look great on your Instagram feed. Check out the tours we picked for this here, and see if you identify the waterfalls. 4x4 Sunrise Trekking Private Tour is now 4x4 Sunrise Sensation Private Tour. Nobody wants to "trek" anymore, all wanting to get as close to the summit as possible. We hardily 'trek' anymore, so, we took the word out of the name. NEW TOUR: One of our agents was looking for a "different tour" for her clients to do where the clients could still see the sunrise, however, they had a child and needed minimal trekking. We created this tour: 4x4 Sunrise Vantage Point Tour From here we can see the usual suspects: Mount Batur (pictured above) Lake Batur, Mount Agung, Mount Abang, the Mount Batur Caldera, and a few extras that cant be seen from on top of Mount Batur, namely Mount Rinjani, Lombok Island, and the Indian Ocean, all from one location with just a 10 minute walk from our 4x4. No trekking. We can even see the Kintamani Bats on the way back. The kids seem to loves these guys. What's more, this your can be done cheaper than the 4x4 Sunrise Sensation Tour, and we still give away our now signature LED Hats. FINAL SAY: The High season for us here in Bali is May, June, July and August each year. You can book now for those times, however, only to ensure you get the dates you want. We don't increase our tour prices for the high, or peak seasons. Cya soon.

  • Mount Batur Eruption Dates

    Is Mount Batur due, or even overdue to let off more than just steam? With so many industries and people within those industries relying on the Mount Batur volcano for an income including farmers, shop owners, the fishing industry, the sand miners, the federal government for all the taxes and fees they collect from tourism operators including ourselves that are also reliant on the volcano for an income, we thought we had best check this out from a business stand point. After doing the sums in our simple case study that follows, we decided to diversify into waterfall tours as well. See why below. Mount Batur has one of the most awe inspiring calderas on the planet. It's nearly 14 km's across x 10 kilometres across and houses Lake Batur (probably responsible for keeping the Mount Batur at least partially cooled) Mount Batur is said to be 1771 meters above sea level. Our measurements have it at less than this amount and closer to 1720 meters above sea level, however, we are only using an app on our phones. Many tourists have reported the same thing. That said... "1771" is literally carved in stone near the top of the mountain. Jt makes sense for the volcano to be dropping though. All that ash and lava over the years has to come from somewhere right? In September 2012 UNESCO granted the area World Heritage listing status because of its "Cultural Significance & Natural Scenery" It's widely believed that the first eruption happened around 500,000 years ago (give or take a few years) and is known as a "stratovolcano" type The Balinese have a belief that loosely translates to something like the Chinese Yin & Yang. If you take from the mountain, at some stage it will want payment. Along those lines anyway. I'll probably need to get clarification of this at a later date. Anyway, here are the dates we have managed to put together over the years for our guides to be as accurate as possible when doing tours: The "*" denotes a big eruption with lava flow. 1804 - This was the first recorded volcano eruption. 1821 *1849: 18 years since last eruption 1854 *1888: 34 years since last eruption 1897 *1904 - *1905 *1921 - *1926: erupting for 5 years *1963 - 1966: erupting for 3 years - 37 years since last eruption *1968 1970 - *1974: erupting for 4 years 1976 *1994 - 18 years since last eruption 7th of August 1994 - Incandescent lava ejected 300m above the summit. 1998 - 1999* July 1998 - Ejected ash 300m above the summit 25th of May 1999 - Incandescent lave ejected that fell into the crater *2000 22nd & 23rd of March ejected material 200 meters above the crater So our decision to venture into waterfalls as well came after this simple maths equation in our business case study: The biggest gaps are: 1926 - *1963 = 37 years, and at the end of this big gap 1963 was a big one with lava flow 1888 - *1854 = 34 years, and at the end of this big gap1888 was a big one with lava flow 1821 - *1849 = 18 years, and at the end of the big gap 1849 was a big one with lava flow 1976 - *1994 = 18 years, and at the end of the big gap 1994 was a big one with lava flow This is the simple maths, the simple logic. If there is a big gap, there's a big eruption with lava flow that follows: 2000 - 2023 = 23 years so far.- We're due! This is the third longest time in recorded history the volcano hasn't had a melt down of some sort. On top of this, consistently after a long stretch of no activity, it's a big one with lava flow. Interestingly you'll be able to view a lot of these different lava flows on our 4x4 Volcano Explorer, Traditional Village & 4x4 Sunrise Sensation Private Tours because the lava is different colours. Our guides have shown the different colours to our guests for years now. Obviously, we have better technology to predict a massive event like a lava flowing volcano eruption than we had in 1963 when many villagers lost their lives. The technology in the caldera area itself may have advanced from bringing water up from the lake in buckets to watering their crops to now having with a petrol powered water pump; however, the locals just don't have access to the information required should their be an emergency where the whole caldera has to be evacuated. many thousands of people live and make a living from the rich soils in the caldera. I personally only know of one way in and out, there are probably a few more, however, a mass evacuation... you would want that lava flow to be of the slow moving variety. There are still places around now where the volcano lava flow is in on the floor of unliveable places from back in 1963. We're lucky, all we have to do is get a car out with our staff and family in it with all they can carry in the car, most will have a lot more to lose than this. So, we'll leave it with you to be the judge of when this volcano that is classed as "active" is due to let off more than steam. We'll continue to do tours of the wonderful area that is Kintamani and the Mount Batur / Caldera area. At least we now have the accurate dates recorded somewhere for everyone to enjoy. If you find dates that contradict what we have, we'd be interested in take a look if you'd care to share the information with us so we can check the credibility of the reference. Russ - CEO

  • Ready, Set, GO!

    ...and we're off It’s only been a week, however, we’ve got a few things on the go that we'd like to keep our guests informed about so that when you're talking to your friends about us ... 😊 We’ve added extra time on our 4x4 Volcano Explorer Tour. We used to start at 10.00am, and go through to about 12.00noon. Our head guide Made informs us that the new tour we are trying to do where we go across the black lava, hit the black sands, and cruise across to an advantage point that sees Mount Batur, Mount Agung, Mount Abang, Mount Rinjani, Lombok Island, The Indian Ocean, and Lake Batur all at the one location, and then trying to jam in a quick look at the Kintamani bats, can’t be done in two hours. Pity. 😞 Made says that we need at least 2.5 hours to 3 hours to complete this tour. Trying to offer value takes a little extra effort, so without charging any extra, we’ve simply extended the tour by half an hour or so. New High End Tour Brewing Without giving too much away we're at the early stages of organising a high end tour the likes of which Bali has never seen before. It’s a big ticket item that's anything but “business and usual” with Expedition Bali Tours. We'll keep you updated as we start putting pieces of the tour together. More collaboration meetings are occurring in the coming months ahead. Stay tuned. Our New Tagline We needed a tagline that said who we are, would enhance our logo, and differentiate ourselves from the others selling cheap Jimnys tours. What do you think? Expedition Bali Tours - Professional, Personal, Comfortable, & Fun Newsletter If you'd like to be added to our Expedition Bali Tours Guest List and receive updates on what we're up to, please email russ @ with "Add me to the EBT Guest List" in the subject line, and we'll add you to our Guest List.

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  • 4x4 Sunrise Vantage Point Private Tour | Expedition Bali

    4x4 Sunrise Vantage Point Private Tour Book the Tour Now! I wanna know more Overview: This tour was specifically set up for people that: a: Don't like trekking b: Want to see as much as possible in as little time as possible whilst here in Bali. We hear ya! With this tour we hit the track at 4.30am in our purpose built Isuzu D-Max and head for an area we call Million Dollar point because of the million dollar views. You'll get out, and walk for about 10 minutes. to get to 'the' spot . The sun will rise and it will light up the Mount Batur caldera. From the very spot you witness the sun light up Mount Batur, Mount Agung, Mount Abang, Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island, Lake Batur, the Indian Ocean, and the entire Mount Batur caldera area. One location, with so much to offer. After a bit of a wander around we'll drive back the same way we came, only you'll be able to see wh ere you're going now it's daylight. We'll drop in on the Kintamani Bats and say hello before heading back to the pick up point at around 7.00am. T he Best Qualified Guides Our guides are local celebrities, everyone knows them because they're the best. They're qualified, certified, and they're English is great. ​ Custom Built 4x4 Our vehicle is purpose built for comfort, panoramic views, power, protection from the elements, whilst maintaining maximum fun and enjoyment. No other vehicle in Kintamani is purpose built for tourists. ​ No Trekking This tour has a short 10 minute walk. You walk up a hill towards the vantage point that gives you a great viewing platform. Unlike hiking up Mount Batur where you'll see the caldera, Mount Agung, Mount Abang, and Lake Batur, this vantage point has all that, plus the Indian Ocean, Mount Rinjani, and Lombok Island in the distance. ​ Insurance We have it. This will give you peace of mind knowing you’re covered. You’re covered from the time you leave your hotel, until you return. No other tour operator in Kintamani has insurance. ​ Sustainable Cities & Communities United Nations Global Goal number 11. We give $5 from every 4x4 Sunrise Vantage Point Private Tour guest (every guest) goes to the community. This goes towards local infrastructure including roads, education for farmers on the correct use of the land and more sustainable farming techniques. ​ Private Tours If you book the tour for just you, or you have five more people that are part of your crew, no strangers will be on your tour. We don’t jam others in on the tour to make up the numbers. You’ve booked the tour; the tour is all yours. 1 – 6 people max. We have a hand sanitisers dispenser mounted in the back as well. More importantly, you get to experience this tour with just your intimate group. If booking through an Online Tour Company such as Trip Advisor, AirBnB or Klook, we can't guarantee your tour will be a private tour. These companies are classed as "One Group" Book directly with us if your tour must be a private tour. ​ Our Transfer Drivers Our drivers, are great mates, have passable English, and are nice to our guests. Best of all ‘they wait’. They pick you up from your hotel on time, you do your selected tour, and they wait. They don’t sneak off and do other jobs whilst you’re on your tour with your personal belongings in their vehicle. A bad transfer driver will be sneaking off doing other jobs, and your things could go missing. This will ruin your holiday. (Imagine if you lost your passport, your watch, your anything) Our drivers are 100% tried and tested trustworthy drivers. We pay our drivers to stay for the entire day, whether your tour is one hour, or 10 hours; they wait. ​ Australian Owned, Local Guides. Basically, this means. Australian level safety and attention to detail, with local knowledge from our top-level guides. The CEO of Expedition Bali is an X – Safety Manager for a mining company in Australia. Small fire extinguishers are inside the seating area, grip tape on the steps, medical kit on board, the vehicle is serviced at half the recommended intervals. The local guides live in the area and have done so their entire lives. They know Kintamani inside out and back to front. Our local guides are also the only guides in Kintamani with a First Aid certification. I'm Done! Book theTour Just give me the high lights T ravel Time: 1 – 2.5 Hours (contingent on accommodation location in relation to Kintamani) ​ Departure Time: 4.30am ​ Meeting Point: Google / Apple Maps "Expedition Bali Tours" ​ Availability: Daily ​ Tour Duration: 4.5 – 7.5 hours Group Sizes: 1 – 6 People ​ Includes: Bottled volcanic spring water, 4x4 to the vantage point English speaking guide, walk the rim of the crater, public liability & accident insurance, entrance fees into Kintamani & Mount Batur, unique gift, pick up and drop off to your accommodation. ​ What to Bring: Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Good Walking Shoes, Camera, Warm Jacket – Just in case ACT NOW We only have one 4x4, and tours book out up to 20 months in advance by travel agents, and people that know they are coming to Bali next year. Don’t delay, please book the tour if you see an opening. Got It! Book the Tour I need to know every single detail No Risk Policy We’re the oldest running tour company in Kintamani, Bali. We’ve been running since 2012. ​ 2021/2022 Winner of the Luxury Tour Guide Awards for Service across the entire Indonesian country. #1 in Indonesia ​ Book a time to chat with our CEO about any of the tours you like. Seriously, he’s up for it. Here’s the link: ​ Send an English text to WhatsApp Number +62 812 3787 0220 for a reply within 24 hours. ​ Pick Up Times: Jimbaran / Nusa Dua - 2.00am - (2.5 hours travel time) Kuta / Legian / Seminyak / Canggu - 2.30am - (2 hours travel time) Sanur - 3.00am - (1.5 hours travel time) Ubud - 3.30am - (1 hour travel time) Tour Starts @ 4:30am - Finishes @ around 7:00am ​ STANDARD TOUR Transfer Driver will be waiting to take you back to your accommodation at 7.00am Travel Time Back to Your Accommodation Depends on where you accommodation is located in Bali. Jimbaran / Nusa Dua - 9.30am (2.5 hours travel time) Kuta / Legian / Seminyak / Canggu - 9.00am (2 hours travel time) Sanur - 8.30am (1.5 hours travel time) Ubud - 8.00am (1 hour travel time) ​ What to bring with you. Hat - If you forget, we've got you covered. Sunscreen Sunglasses Good walking shoes Warm jacket (just in case) ​ Camera / Phone with back up batteries Bonus Reasons 2 x Bonus Reasons to book with Expedition Bali Tours SPOILER ALERT - Once you know everything....... ​ 1. A ll of our tours have a small unique gift. For example, on this tour we give you a hat with LED’s to light your way. You know why? We do this more for practical reasons. It’s dark when you first set off, (remember you're going to see a sun 'rise', sun's not up yet). So w e created a memento you can keep and take with you back to your home country. The hats aren’t cheap, and we'v e put our logo on the hat to remind you of where you first used the hats. They're yours to keep, and their USB rechargeable. ​ 2. We take you to a bat area. Not another "bat cave" These bats are outside hanging on a cliff face. Amazing to see close up, and in the day light. Literally 10's of thousands of them. I'm In! Book us in on the Tour How do I know for sure? Testimonials / References / Endorsements "My husband and I just came back from our very 1st trip to Bali, and we’re very glad we chose to go with Expedition Bali’s tours and services! Because of them, our 4 day vacation turned out to be smooth, fun, and exciting from start to finish. On their website, you’ll see that they offer numerous tour packages, and they were excellent at coordinating everything, as well as fitting our tour nicely into the rest of our Bali vacation, including pickup/drop-offs from our hotel in Kintamani. I highly recommend reaching out to the company’s director to discuss specific interests you might have or ask them any questions so that they can tailor your tour to fit your exact needs. The team is very approachable and extremely customer centric. It’s clear that they aim to please! For our 1st day, we decided to do the Sunrise Trekking Tour to the top of Mt. Batur. In addition to being a wonderful hike to the top of the volcano, we experienced one of the prettiest sunrises I’ve ever seen. After a nice morning of hiking around the volcano, they arranged for me and my husband to relax at one of the local hot spring resorts. It was a great way to end the day, winding down at the lake side in the mineral pools with good food and drinks." - Kerry Meyer - US citizen living and working in Singapore. ​ "Thank you Expedition Bali Tours for this amazing experience! Highly recommended tour with the best vehicle in this area. We felt safe at all times and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Many thanks to Russ and his team for taking care of us!" - Bobby Rheinhart - Indonesian - Makassar “One of the best Bali mountain & lava Jeep tours, Bali sunrise tour with hot spring water ~ trip advisor recommended, you should try it once in a lifetime” – Wira N. Utama - Indonesian ​ Amazing adventure “The trip was amazing. Team of expedition Bali excellent. The guide was fun and support us all the way. Pictures of the top very beautiful. I like this adventure very much” - Russian Guest Amazing Tour! Have just come back from completing this tour in Bali, i did the Sunrise Volcano 4WD Tour and it was absolutely amazing and worth the early wake up. Would highly recommend this tour if your headed to Bali, … – Taryn L Cancellation Policy We know that plans change. If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice, we'll issue a full 100% refund. That ' s it, nothing fancy. ​ COVID-19 Exemption: If your booking is cancelled due to Covid-19 announced by the Indonesian government, we'll refund 100% of your money , as we have for literally hundreds of pre-booked tours in February 2020. We'll put this under "Force Majeure" which is a fancy way of saying "unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract". FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How do we know if your guides are really qualified? A: All of our volcano tour guides are qualified Mount Batur Trekking Association Guides. We have copies of our guide certifications on record to send anyone at any time. ​ Q: Why does the website say ages between 4 and 70? A: All children three and under ride for free. It's considered the parents could use a break in paying for things for their young family, and the kids at that age don't take up much space so they can sit on the lap of the parent. At the other end of the scale, 70 is the maximum our insurance will cover. You can go on any tour you like over the age of 70, however, to be extremely clear, we don't have insurance to cover you if you're over 70 years of age, you'll have to have your own travel insurance. ​ Q: Can you arrange a pickup from our hotel? A: Yes. We have bunch of great mates that all belong to one team. Their English is passable, they must all have currently registered vehicles and current drivers licences for our insurance to be effective. We keep copies on record of each driver, with expiry dates noted in our calendar with a 14 day reminder set up on each. ​ Q: How do I know if I will like the tour? A: That’s easy, check our Google / Trip Advisor reviews. We also won the Luxury Tour Guide Global Award for service in 2021 / 2022 above every other tour operator in every category in Indonesia. ​ Q: Seriously, getting up at some ungodly hour of the morning to be at your meeting point in Kintamani near the volcano for 4.30am; is it really worth it, be honest? A: Yes, it’s really is worth it. Check out the testimonials. ​ Q: Do I have to be super fit? A: No, far from it. Just a ten minute walk. Granted some is up hill, however, if you can walk for 10 minutes straight you'll be right. ​ Q: Can I book on this particular date, a bit later? A: All of Expedition Bali Tours are private tours. We run one tour a day of each tour. Best you pick the date and time you want now, and lock that in to avoid disappointment. It's easy to see if the dates are already booked, if you see a yellow dot on or close to your date, the tour is booked. Sorry. Q: There are 10 of us, can we all go? A: We take a maximum of six adults on this tour. We can organise an extra car, however it wont be our car. Some may be disappointed they are not in our car, so we don't often do this. ​ Q: How long has Expedition Bali Tours been around for? A: We’re the oldest established tour operator in Kintamani. We started in 2012. I'm Sorted! Book that Tour.

  • Bali Volcano Tours | Expedition Bali

    Bali Volcano Tours Experience Bali Life Book a Zoom Call to Find Out More Volcano Explorer Tour Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Embed Video Link Copied Volcano Explorer 4x4 Tour Sunrise Trekking Tour Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Embed Video Link Copied Sunrise Sensation 4x4 Tour "Family Friendly 4x4 tours to Bali's Most Beautiful Volcanos & Waterfalls" " Volcano Explorer 4x4 Private Morning & Afternoon Tours Experience the black frozen lava fields of Mount Batur from a 4x4 with unobstructed 360’ views, a private guide and guaranteed departures rain or shine. Find Out More / Book the Tour 4x4 Sunrise Sensation Private Tour “We promise you’ll experience the most sensational sunrise of your life over Mount Abang and volcano Mount Agung from the top of Mount Batur, with the least amount of trekking possible, even if you’re not a morning person.” Find Out More / Book the Tour Traditional Village, Bamboo Forest & Volcano Explorer 4x4 Private Tour Promising you a full day of Balinese culture, memento shopping, coffee tasting at a genuine coffee plantation, plus a tour of the frozen black lava fields, without you organising a single thing. Find Out More / Book the Tour 4x4 Sunrise Vantage Point Private Tour This tour is for those that DO NOT like trekking, however, they still want to see a fantastic sunrise. We take you to a vantage point that allows you to see Mount Batur, Mount Abang, Mount Agung, Lake Batur, The Indian Ocean, Lombok Island and Mount Rinjani whilst the sun comes up. It's stunning. Find Out More / Book the Tour Bali Terunyan Wall Cemetery Private Boat Tour We promise a unique cultural experience like no other cultural experience on the planet, without trekking for miles, even if you think you’ve seen it all before. Find Out More / Book the Tour The Expedition Bali Super Junior Experience Tour “We promise an experience like no one else can offer. You’ll sit where Donghae & Eunhyuk sat. You’ll sing in the exact location Super Junior sang “Offline” to create your own “Offline” video, complete with gold memento microphones you can keep.” Find Out More / Book the Tour

  • Bali Waterfall Tours | Expedition Bali

    Bali Waterfall & Canyon Tours Experience Bali Life Book a Zoom Call to Find Out More "How to see some of the best waterfall & canyon tours in Bali, without breaking the bank, even if you have a family of six." Waterfall & Canyon Tours of Bali Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Embed Video Link Copied Waterfall & Canyon Tours Showcased Two Canyon All Day Adventure Guided Private Tour If you like jumping from boulder to boulder; going through waist high water in some parts, going on a mini adventure not too far from civilisation, this twin canyon tour is the tour for you. You'll love this tour. ​ Find Out More / Book the Tour 4 "Easy Access" Waterfalls All Day Private Adventure This tour was created because we often had customers asking us for waterfalls that are 'easily accessible'. Of course this is code for "less stairs please". The Waterfalls of Bali are notorious for stairs. We've cherry picked the best waterfalls for you to see in one day that wont have you reaching for the deep heat the next day. These waterfalls are all relatively close, don't have many stairs, and you don't have to get wet to take some great pictures. Find Out More / Book the Tour Enticing Turquoise Oasis & Waterfall Private Tour This is such a beautiful part of the world. Remember we don't Photoshop any pictures on any tour. We don't even use "enhance". We suggest doing the waterfall first; there's a healthy amount of stairs, and you'll be pushing yourself a bit on the way back, so the Turquoise Oasis will be a welcome sight. You cant really swim at the waterfall; it's sensational to look at, however, you can feel it's power from the stairs. We don't advise swimming just to be safe. The Turquoise Oasis is something else. The serenity, the peacefulness of this place. Swimming around is lovely. Find Out More / Book the Tour Instagram Falls There are some waterfalls that are beautiful, however you can't really swim there. We've labeled these tours "Instagram Falls" for years because they're great for your Instagram feed. This tour has two such waterfalls. You'll still need your swim suit. Find Out More / Book the Tour Tegenungan / Blangsinga Waterfall Private Tour Don't be fooled by other tour operators, these two names are for the same waterfall. How did that happen? The village at the top, called the waterfall Blangsinga, The village at the bottom, called the waterfall Tegenungan. There you have it. We come from the Tegenungan side, because they have the best pictures This waterfall is good for a swim and some great pictures from below. Find Out More / Book the Tour Nungnung Waterfall Private Tour What we loved was going in behind this waterfall. The noise and the power of the water is amazing. Trying to swim under the waterfall, or walk through it... not on the days we've been. There's a lot of litres of water per second coming from the waterfall. Find Out More / Book the Tour Blahmantung Waterfall Private Tour This waterfall is nowhere near the other waterfalls. So much so it hasn't been commercialised. No shops are around so it's best to ask your driver to stop at a warung, so you can pick something up on the way. There is a bit of a walk to get to this waterfall. It's not treacherous, walking the concrete path, however, it may take you half an hour or so to get there on foot after the drive. Find Out More / Book the Tour Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall Private Tour This is a fantastic set of three waterfalls in one. In our opinion go to the waterfall that is straight down first. (Don't turn left) It's the largest of the waterfalls in the area and has crystal clear water at the bottom. ​ When you return back from the largest waterfall, ensure you turn right towards the next waterfalls located together. You've come all this way you might as well see everything right? Find Out More / Book the Tour Tukad Cepang Waterfall Private Tour As you can see, that waterfall is inside a cave. It's lovely and cool down there. You'll need a camera that takes great night photos down here. You'll get wet, and you can stand up the waterfall, however, this isn't really a waterfall for a good swim, more just a paddle around. Find Out More / Book the Tour Gitgit Waterfall Private Tour The flowers are beautiful, and the little bridge area they have made is great for getting your photo taken as well. The locals have also installed a swing on one of the two waterfalls you can visit here; it's safe, we tested it ourselves. Find Out More / Book the Tour

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