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Our First Newsletter - October 2022

Updated: Jan 16

What’s this? This is our very first newsletter to our previous guests. Yep, more than 10 ten years in business and we’re sending out our first guest focussed newsletter. If you’ve made this list, it’s a big deal. Unlike other email lists you may be on, this an Exclusive Guest list, and you’re on it. 😀 First of all, “Full Disclosure” I’m using a Mac computer, and this is very new and foreign to me. 27 years of Microsoft and I went cold turkey on the latest and greatest from Apple. Let me tell you, the transition is anything but “smoootthhh” 🥹 To remove any fears of being on yet another email list, this won’t be a regular thing. We wont be telling you to look at our latest social media, we know you’ll already be following, and if you’re not, it’s because you’re an adult and you have chosen that. We get it. What these emails are about is to let you know when we've added a new tour, or changed something in our line up of tours offered. Why? Because we want you to come back , and if you are the type of people we like, chances are your friends and family will be the same type of people. If you tell your friends and family about us, this Guest List has done its job. We said it was a big deal to be on this Guest List right, some guests,… well...let’s just say not everyone makes the EBT Guest List. 😂 That said, if you don’t want to be on the "EBT Guest List", we get it, you can either send our emails to "Junk", or ask us to kindy remove your email address. Not hard feelings. If you’re not interested, we don’t want to clog ups your email. At the moment if I removed anyone, more than 10% of the Guest List would disappear. 🤣 Okay let's get to the point of these emails, not everyone will get my sense of humour

Updates & Changes

We amalgamated two of our canyon tours. We've called this our Twin Canyon All Day Adventure Tour. This'll be fun. Designed for corporate team building and bonding you'll love this even if there are only two of you. You get picked up at around 10.00am and go to the first canyon where it’s like a command course through a canyon, in up to waist high water, scaling the edge of canyons walls, negotiating mini waterfalls all the way along. I’m taking my wife on this tour when she arrives in December, she’ll love it. You’re welcome to come along if you like. We’d love some real life feedback Then we’re off for lunch. We can ask the driver to take us anywhere you like for lunch on the way to the next canyon. At around 1.00pm you’ll get to the next canyon, where you’ll do the same thing in a different environment. Still scaling canyon walls, still in waist high water, and even a water swing at the end. You’ll be exhausted by 4.00pm and heading home after a full day out. One of the benefits of amalgamating tours is the cost per destination / tour becomes cheaper. One car for one day, doing two canyons in the same day.

Prices start from Rp683,333 or $45 USD each (for six people) Not Bad for a full day out

Speaking of Waterfall Tours we've added a couple more Bali waterfall tours to our line up recently. (All waterfall tours are seperate for now) Here are our new waterfall tours.

Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall. Three different waterfalls in one location - Prices start from Rp428,333 each / $29 USD each Gitgit Waterfall Two waterfalls in one location here. One of the memorably things were the swing rings you can hang onto as you land in the water. This was a lot of fun. Prices start from Rp546,666 / $36 USD each

Keep in touch. We’d really love to see you back. C’mon it’s Bali. Everyone comes back. Once you’ve been to Bali, Bali has the way of pulling you back. We’ll be here.

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