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Product Knowledge Day - December 2022 - More Bali Tours.

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Hello to our EBT Agents,

Great to be in contact with you again as we get close to the end of the year. (We know right… only 45 days until we’ll all be at a New Years Eve celebration somewhere on the planet.)

Now that we have agents from different parts of the world supplying Expedition Bali Tours, we have to say this email is more for our local Bali Agents. Read on though, you might be able to ask your local suppliers in your country to do the same thing we’re offering our Bali tours agents.

As our local Indonesian agents know, it can get pretty quiet in the build up to Christmas, and then all of a sudden “it’s on” for a week or so over Christmas and New Year, before having nothing to do again in January and February. So, we’re looking to take advantage of this fast approaching quiet time.

We’ve offered all our Agents and concierges promotional Bali Tours many times. Very few in Bali have taken us up on the offer. We get it, you’re busy. Panorama Destination in Jakarta took us up on the offer, and Vifa Travel in Makassar flew out to do a tour and check us out as well. Both took a bit of a hybrid 4x4 Sunrise Sensation / 4x4 Volcano Explorer Private tour, and they loved it. It still personally amazes me when I go for a ride with agents that are doing the tour when they say “woooooowwwwwwww, look at this” like they didn't know this beauty was here, or they’re finally getting to see what we have been banging on about for years. For me its like “Yeah…. I told you this was here, didn’t you believe me.” 🥹 Then I have to remember, describing something is never as good as being there in person. Video and pictures on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, they just don't do the vastness of Kintamani, the Black Sands and so on, any real justice. One day, you'll have to promise yourself to go on one of our Bali tours. Anyway… I digress:

Our Bali agents and hotel concierges tell us they're too busy. Okay, we can get that. "If the agents will not come to the mountain, then the mountain must go to the agents." (Well…. The 4x4 at least) 😉

In December 2022, we’re offering to bring our 4x4 (the metaphorical mountain) to our agents and hotels for a “Product Knowledge Day”

A few months ago we did one of these “Product Knowledge" training days for Panorama Destination Services here in Bali.

As you can see, the staff at Panorama Destination Services loved it. We had 15+ staff get a quick education, seeing and feeling the Expedition Bali Tours experience. They got why the Expedition Bali Tours 4x4 is the leading 4x4 in Kintamani doing tours of Mount Batur, the Frozen Lava, Black Sands, the Kintamani Bats, the Crystal Lava Tube and Caldera Point.

The staff got in the back of our 4x4, and got to see for themselves how high their clients will sit, the view the clients will have over the top of the cabin behind laminated and tempered 8.38mm thick glass, how no guest has an obstructed view, the safety items on board such as fire extinguishers and a fully stocked medical kit, how comfortable the seats are, and of course they got to meet our guides and ask real time questions in Bahasa.

We want to organise the same for your tour agency as well. We’ll bring our 4x4 down to Sanur, Denpasar, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Ubud, Jimbaran, anywhere, wherever you are so that all of your staff can have a Free Product Knowledge Day.

Why are we doing this? Why would we ask our tour guides to drive for 2.5 hours for a 30 minute Product Knowledge training day, only to drive for another 2.5 hours back? (5.5 - 6 hours in total)

It’s simple, full disclosure, once we get you in our 4x4, you’ll see and feel for yourself the Expedition Bali Tours difference. (Because there ‘IS' a difference.) In other words, once you get in our 4x4, you’ll be hooked. 😊 You’ll understand that you can only put your clients into an Expedition Bali Tours 4x4.

This promotion is specifically for December 2022, however, if you'd like to take on this offer for your staff in January or February of 2023, please get in contact so we can pencil in a date for the new year.

Feel free to return this email for a Free Product Knowledge Training Day for your staff. We’ll work out a day between us, and get the car to your carpark, or a place close by. (As I've been to all our agencies in Bali at least twice since June 2022, I realise some don't have a carpark big enough. Don’t worry, we’ll work something out between us.)

Don’t get left behind. Find out why Expedition Bali Tours is your Competitive Advantage. If you’re not using Expedition Bali Tours yet, find out why your competition is hooked on us. 😆

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