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Bali is the No.2 Holiday Destination On the Planet - Expedition Bali Tours.

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Trip Advisor has named Bali, Indonesia as the number two destination on the planet behind Dubai. ("Missed it by that much"... for those of you that've been around long enough to know Get Smart). This puts Bali higher than London, Rome, Paris, Cairo, Florence, Bangkok, New York City and even Rio de Janeiro, which even surprised us. You can see the top 25 destinations on the planet by clicking on the picture below:

With more than a little help from our friends Colin and Kerry, we've put together a 29 page comprehensive guide all about the different types of volcanos, and a lot of specific information about Mount Batur and the Kintamani region. The main drive to put this guidebook together was to preserve the cultural heritage of the Kintamani region with accurate information. So many guides with conflicting information about when eruptions were, and what lava flows are from what year. We also found that some of our agents that promote our Bali tours had the same problem. "You'll see the lava from the eruption in 1850" ... only, there was no eruption in 1850. We send this PDF guided book to the guides that our agents send on the tour with their guests so that the guides are informed and the guests get another great Bali tour. We want the guest to get the best possible experience and we want the Bali tour guide to look like a "Rockstar of Knowledge" at the same time. Most people reading this guest blog would not have gone through an agent as we don't usually get email addresses from agents of their guests, so, if you've already done the tour and would like a copy of the PDF for yourself, (It's actually a pretty interesting read. Something you could read while flying to Bali) let us know via email ( and we'll send you a copy. Just tell us the date you went on your tour and we'll tick it off that we've sent you a copy. It's a little bit to big to send via email, so we'll send it via WeTransfer to you. This guidebook will also serve as the basis for our Augmented Reality (AR) guide we plan to create and release as soon as possible. Stay tuned for this one. (Personally I'm really looking forward to this one. Having a guide that can speak any language and has accurate information every single time would be amazing.)

We have a new Bali tour. The Million Dollar Point 4x4 Private Tour This Bali tour is for those of us (and I include myself in this category) that don't like to trek. If you want to see this view (pictured above) we can get you there in our 4x4, and you walk (yes, walk) 10 minutes to get here. A cup of tea of coffee, plus a light breakfast will greet you on the morning tour. Most people climb Mount Batur and think they're taking photos of Mount Agung. Mount Agung is actually behind Mount Abang, (when standing on Mount Batur) you have to know what you're looking for to see Mount Agung. Some people climb Mount Batur and think they're taking photos of Mount Batur... nope, you're standing on Mount Batur. From this "Million Dollar Point" Bali tour you see above (from left to right starting where the sun is) The Indian Ocean, (then just to the right of the sun what looks like a small cloud formation) Lombok Island and Mount Rinjani. Then the first clearly visible mountain to the left that's Mount Agung, in the centre of the picture that's Mount Abang. To the right of that is Lake Batur, and to the right of that is Mount Batur. This Bali tour has been so successful we've been getting rave reviews on Google about this tour. It's also a 'sunrise' and a 'sunset' tour.

This is what a sunset looks like. 'Sunsets' are more my scene. No trekking and afternoon sunsets. Nice.

We've changed the name of our Terunyan Wall Private Boat Tour as well. The name change is more to reflect the type of tour. "Terunyan Wall Cemetery Private Boat Tour" This will stop the odd shock we get, and it actually helps "Cemetery Tour" people that travel the world doing cemetery tours to find our tour. (C'mon SEO.. work)

That's about it, thanks for having a read of our blog post. If you or your friends are coming to Bali, let us know. If I'm in town it might be nice to catch up. Russ CEO = Customer Experience Officer Expedition Bali Tours

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