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Bali Traffic

Bali Traffic

Yes, there's a lot of traffic in Bali. Mainly consisting of scooters / motorbikes from 110cc Honda Beats, to Honda Vario 150's and Honda PCX and Yamaha N-Max 155cc's respectively. Cars are increasingly becoming a status symbol for locals in Bali. "I can afford a car, look at me" this takes up even more space on the roads. We know one guy that would rather drive everywhere in a car even though it may take two hours to do less than seven kilometres in some cases because he will look successful when he arrives. We ride scooters every days. We can get around the traffic, however patience us a huge 'must' (Something I myself have yet to master.) We've made a few videos so you can see what it's like in certain areas:


Seminyak to Denpasar Jimbaran to Uluwatu

Riding through Bali



Umalas to Immigration first thing in the morning

Riding into Kintamani We'll do up some tips for riding a scooter / motorbike in Bali on a different blog post shortly.

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