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Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Hello to all of our wonderful agents,

July & August 2023 were some pretty big months for us here at Expedition Bali Tours, and we’re trusting they were just as big months for you as well.

We have a few updates that we thought you might be interested in regarding our Bali tours.

1. Terunyan Wall Guide Book

We've developed a Comprehensive (15 Page) Terunyan Cemetery GuideBook for the guides that our agents send on our tours with their guests. This was created in the same style and format as our Comprehensive Mount Batur GuideBook.

When your tour agency books a Terunyan Wall Cemetery Private Boat Tour with us, we’ll send your guide via WhatsApp a copy of our Terunyan Cemetery GuideBook - Free. We want your guide to look fantastic as they reel off information about Terunyan like they’ve lived there all their lives to your guests. We've noticed that guests would get to the cemetery and they wouldn’t understand the significance of what they were looking at. Creating this guidebook helps bridge that gap.

We’ve been sending our Comprehensive (29 Page) Mount Batur Volcano Guidebook out with agent guides now for a few months; the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

While researching the Comprehensive Terunyan Cemetery GuideBook we've discovered some fascinating facts such as, most people know that the Terunyan’s were the first Balinese, however, did you know they're said to have arrived from Java as far back as the 8th century CE. How about this one: there is not just one cemetery but three cemeteries; where one cemetery is for children and unmarried adults. Or how about this one: the Terunyan’s are a matriarchal society, meaning that women have more power than men. (It's a lot different across the lake we can tell you). You also may not have known that there is no written version of the Terunyan language, and on a final piece of Terunyan trivia, there are always only 12 bamboo cages that house the dead for a reason. We won’t give away the ending on that one just yet. 😊

These are just some of the amazing facts we've uncovered and put in our comprehensive guidebook to add to our Bali tours. The guidebook is free for your guide when booking a Terunyan Wall Cemetery Private Boat Tour with Expedition Bali Tours.

2. Insurance

After a bit of back and forth our insurance policy is ready to be sent out for your agency records. Please see below we have purchased insurance for your guests and our guests. Please ensure your required department receives a copy of our latest insurance policy below.

3. Social Media

All of our social media now features the travel partner / tour agent that sent us the guests. You’ll see on our Instagram, TikTok and YouTube social media, at the end of the latest posts we have put the logo and contact details of the agent that sent the guests for any of our Bali tours. Such is our commitment to having our agents win more work in the future. We acknowledge the agents that send us guests because we want to ensure the agents get more bookings to send our way in the future. If you’re not using Expedition Bali Tours, for your Bali tours, ask what your tour provider is doing to promote you and your business. With around 11,000+ followers, we’re doing the best we can to promote our agents. Your agency could be one of the agents we promote to all of our followers on all of our social media. Check out the posts to see the difference we make. Find out why our agents remain loyal to us. We know we're not the cheapest and have no desire to be the cheapest. We provide a lot more value than “cheap” on our all of our Expedition Bali tours.

Insurance, social media posts for each agent after all our Bali tours, free gifts for every guest, the only tour guides with first aid certification in Kintamani, the best custom built 4x4 in Kintamani if not Bali, winner of the Luxury Travel Guide Award for Service Excellence. We don't want to be the cheapest… we just want to maintain being the best.

Thanks again for taking a quick read. Take a breath during this down time. It wont be long until peak season arrives. Have a great week ahead. Russ CEO - Customer Experience Officer Expedition Bali Tours

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