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New Names & New Tours

Updated: Mar 31

NEW NAMES: In keeping with our promise to amalgamate our waterfall tours to reduce the cost per waterfall and increase the amount of waterfalls seen in a single tour we have created some new tours on the waterfall tours.

Blue Lagoon & Aling Aling is now "Enticing Turquoise Oasis & Waterfall Tour" We think this sounds like a name someone would click on.

Instagram Falls is our next set of two waterfalls we amalgamated that are not great for swimming, however, they'll look great on your Instagram feed. Check out the tours we picked for this here, and see if you identify the waterfalls.

4x4 Sunrise Trekking Private Tour is now 4x4 Sunrise Sensation Private Tour. Nobody wants to "trek" anymore, all wanting to get as close to the summit as possible. We hardily 'trek' anymore, so, we took the word out of the name. NEW TOUR: One of our agents was looking for a "different tour" for her clients to do where the clients could still see the sunrise, however, they had a child and needed minimal trekking. We created this tour:

4x4 Sunrise Vantage Point Tour

From here we can see the usual suspects: Mount Batur (pictured above) Lake Batur, Mount Agung, Mount Abang, the Mount Batur Caldera, and a few extras that cant be seen from on top of Mount Batur, namely Mount Rinjani, Lombok Island, and the Indian Ocean, all from one location with just a 10 minute walk from our 4x4. No trekking. We can even see the Kintamani Bats on the way back. The kids seem to loves these guys. What's more, this your can be done cheaper than the 4x4 Sunrise Sensation Tour, and we still give away our now signature LED Hats.

FINAL SAY: The High season for us here in Bali is May, June, July and August each year. You can book now for those times, however, only to ensure you get the dates you want. We don't increase our tour prices for the high, or peak seasons. Cya soon.

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